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Aerospace, Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, and Design

Redmoon Systems specializes in innovation and research in aerospace consulting. Our clients consist of major aerospace firms as well as diverse corporate and privately funded interests.

We leverage research and innovation across aerospace domains with experience to provide a unique blend of consulting services that meet the client’s needs in product development, project management, and business planning. Redmoon provides capabilities to bridge knowledge gaps in aerospace, security, and defense.

Cutting-edge industries employ a wide range of tools to enable technologies for military and civilian mission objectives. We specialize in computer aided design, modeling, and simulation across the multiple disciplines:

  • Mission Modeling and Control Systems
  • Situational analysis for space platforms  
  • Electro-optical systems for military, civilian, and scientific
  • End-to-end artificial intelligence solutions integrating algorithm development for tracking, discrimination, and analysis
  • Data fusion and graphical display of strategic information
  •  Space policy
  • Geopolitical analysis through application of space situational awareness systems to complex geospatial environments

Redmoon Systems remains uniquely positioned through its high-value innovation and consulting services for its clients. We provide the customer with advanced and effective knowledge-based tools for mission-driven pragmatic solutions.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

In ancient military strategy, it was seen as advantageous to occupy the high ground during a battle. Today, the high ground is provided by computer-assisted technologies such as virtual reality, simulation, automated analysis, and data fusion. In addition technologies using space for peaceful purposes contribute to advanced situational awareness of the battlefield. 

Data Analytics in Complex Space Environments

Code is Poetry

Redmoon Systems

If you want to learn more about Redmoon Systems, or if you are interested in helping with the project, head over to the GitHub repository.

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