How intuition can be inreased in astronomy and physics

At Redmoon Systems, we are exploring the connection between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics in the context of space dynamics, exploration and mission architecture. Typically when missions are planned, the usual approach is to determine motion of bodies (the spacecraft itself as well) involving patched conic solutions for the the nearest gravitational sphere of influence. This article by Esther Barrab├ęs Vera describes a gentle shift in perspective.

Another approach is to think of the potential of a body as its wave function, in analogy to quantum theory. A planet may pass through space that is sometimes occupied by a planet with or without the planet actually being present. Depending on the circumstances or timing, the spacecraft may experience gravitational forces related to the gravitational potential energy of the planet. If this occurs, the spacecraft may attempt to capture into the potential well of the planet. The potential energy required to capture the spacecraft is like a wavefunction, or a slightly delocalized version of the classical model of reality.

The reason why this could be important is that underneath the traditional model of gravity is a more complex and rich universe! This relatively newly accessed regime is the realm of space manifold dynamics.

Taking into consideration two planets at the same time enables a more complex dance for a spacecraft of satellite. The mathematics to describe this type of interaction is fairly sophisticated and also reasonably well developed. By analogy, the difference is between the motion of a surfer on the ocean, diving in between waves compared against the motion of billiard balls on a pool table. The analogy is not precise, however it is worth noting that the dance of eternity takes place in our solar system with natural objects such as comets and meteors.

Studying these objects has helped open doors for us to see the complex movements in action, so that we can reproduce their motion in our mathematical models, and ultimately in our exploration of the galaxy. This all has nothing to do with quantum mechanics or quantum behavior, most people would assert.

However my goal is not to show evidence of quantum effects such as tunneling, entanglement, or teleportation of these macroscopic objects. I would simply like to consider the possibility that a gravitational potential could be interpreted as a wavefunction of a planet or star. What use this perspective has beyond a form of intuition has not been determined as yet.

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