Marilyn Mu



  • BS from from San Diego State University


  • CSO and Director of Human Resources at an Aerospace Company, 10 years




Acoustically Induced Manipulation of Materials:


Ran experiments to characterize the resonance structure and dynamics of an acoustic levitator developed in Russia whose purpose was to manipulate water droplets using sound.

Developed a control model for reducing nonlinear feedback and captured interesting footage of floating water droplets.

Worked with the Russian Space Agency to enter free fall and conduct experiments on-board a KC-135 aircraft.


View from the cockpit of a KC-135 Stratotanker, which is used for refueling aircraft in midair, during a domestic refueling mission stateside.



On the possible connection between quantum theory and measurement noise:


When a measurement is taken, in an aircraft radar network, there are components for range and range-rate quantities. This data is noisy.

One way to look at the noise relies upon the idea in quantum mechanics known as the Everett interpretation of a coherent state.

Essentially the idea of parallel universes comes into play. One can interpret a statistical distribution as a set of states all probable but non-definite. By analogy in quantum theory, an electron in a hydrogen atom, the electron exists in a superposition of probable locations. It is not a particle, in fact It’s wave function describes a probability distribution. According to the Everett interpretation the electron exists in a confluence of multiple realities (i.e. states that are spread throughout this universe and beyond) and so in our perception it appears as a statistical cloud. The same might be said of a macroscopic vehicle on the ground which is undergoing range and range rate measurements by an airborne radar. It’s precise position is unknown, but its probable position might be obtained in the form of a statistical spread function.

In quantum mechanics, the process of measurement often involves a collapse of a wave function to what is known as a decoherent state. Certain forms of measurement (i.e. quantum annealing) allow the state to evolve in an optimal sense perhaps according to energy minimization principle.

What would be the analogy in the process of macroscopic physics?


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