Shalini Venturelli

I am a Professor of International Communication and International Relations at American University, Washington DC.

I am also Director of the Global Public Media Research Project, and the Global Knowledge Society Project.  My research examines the cross-cultural use of digital social media and digital citizen media in the advancement of cultural and political transformation worldwide.  In addition to the Global Public Media Project I also direct an international cross-cultural Global Knowledge Society Project that examines global innovation across cultural and national borders. I am the author of many publications on the Information Society and the Global Knowledge Society.


Research Interests

Dr. Venturelli’s research examines international dimensions of the global knowledge society and global innovation, as well as the growth of global public media in cyberspace or online citizen media in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and North America.


Area of Expertise

Media/ social media and foreign policy; global knowledge economy; global intellectual property rights; global media and political transformation; foreign media and public opinion; Internet freedom; E.U.–U.S. relations; India-U.S. relations; Afghanistan

Additional Information

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My research initiatives include the Global Public Media Research Project, which focuses on the role of online citizen media or public media in expanding the forces of democracy, civil society, and the public sphere in 20 countries around the world. The project investigates public media initiatives in diverse cultural and social contexts to identify their impact on the capacity of civil society networks to advance social reform and social change. Venturelli’s international study on the Global Knowledge Society investigates social, cultural, economic, and institutional factors that contribute to knowledge networks, innovation, and knowledge-growth in different national contexts across four world regions. The study aims to provide cross-cultural assessments of intellectual property rights, creative and scientific innovation, investment in R&D, and the restructuring of research and education infrastructure for knowledge-driven social change in both developed and developing countries. Venturelli’s Global Media and Transformations in World Politics research project explores the relationship between international media, international public opinion, and the restructuring of geopolitics and international relations in the twenty-first century. She is also currently conducting research on the treatment of human rights and free speech in foreign policy, including the future role of state-sponsored international broadcasting and new media strategies in international affairs.