Creating Satellite Constellations Using Quantum Computing

Summary: Group satellite together in such a way as to maximize coverage
Data: For any possible grouping of satellites, a coverage percentage
Goal: Assign each of N satellites to k groups, such that total mean coverage is maximized

Satellites change position and require constant reoptimization

Brute force solving is out of the question; even trivial subsets of the satellites form too many combinations to check
Quantum technology offers a promise to perform combinatorial optimization much faster, while yielding better coverage outcomes

An operation involving a large number of ground and space assets

This type of situation is common in the internet communications field as well where satellite coverage may be required to provide persistent coverage of subscribers.

Redmoon Systems has an optimization technology which is able to achieve 15% more coverage than any existing method. Our software zeroes in on the best possible constellation configuration for any specific satellite and ground target problem.

Featured below are our preliminary results:


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