Redmoon’s Projects areas where we are seeking collaboration

Check out our program management schedule. At Redmoon Systems we have multiple ongoing projects, the description of which are below.


  • Anydesk: We use a program which helps our uses with their computer security. This project is ongoing. [anydesk]
  • Kodi: We help our users access unlimited video and movie content. This project is ongoing. [kodi]
  • Eve: We support the EVE online community. THis program is active. [eve]
  • JPL: We consult for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories. THis program is occasional and active. [jpl]
  • GMAT: We support the General Purpose Mission Analysis Tool, developed by NASA. THis project is ongoing. [gmat]
  • DWAVE: We work closely with D_WAVE based in Vancouver, CA. This program is active and ongoing. [dwave]
  • POLIastro: THis system is supported by Redmoon for analysis purposes. THis program is active and needs additional support. [poliastro]


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