Northrop Grumman Corp.

My first job after graduating from Caltech was at Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems in Azusa, California.

In 2003, the main funding source was a government contract for the Space Based Infrared System, or SBIRS. SBIRS was an upgrade to the US Missile Defense System from an older series of satellites to a responsive network for detection and tracking of ICBMs.

Our focus at Northrop Grumman ES was to develop hardware and software for SBIRS. While I was also involved in some of the hardware development, my efforts were primarily dedicated towards software.

After spending 6 months in training at our prime contractor’s headquarters, I returned to Azusa to spearhead an effort to develop image processing algorithms.

This task took me 6 months, and I used the MATLAB programming environment for software and algorithm development.

The result was a completed prototype that ultimately flew on the actual mission.