How to use both mars and the moon for space debris operations

A new technology currently named Firecat is being developed at Redmoon. We are exploring the use of natural resources in space to further our own exploration (of space). One example coming to us by NASA during a conference at NASA Ames a few years ago was the use of asteroids orbiting the sun, just beyond the reach of Mars as a naturally occurring resource. We don’t currently know what exists in the asteroid belt, but we know that it would be helpful to learn more about the belt itself. The combination of solar and interplanetary gravitational forces (i.e. gravitational tides) generate resonances and other beautiful dynamics.

A Cosmic Fireball, for which Firecat is named

One approach to learning more about these resonances would be to observe the motions of the asteroids. Currently we have several missions undertaking this scientific objective. However NASA and the other spacefaring countries could potentially be open to new opportunities for studying the asteroids.

Two relatively new ideas are the placement of a robotic lander with infrared observing capabilities on the far side of the moon, and the same undertaking but located on the martian surface.

Our goal at Redmoon Systems is to study both of these missions and to better understand the science that could be possible.

NASA (origin)

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