Using Modeling and Simulation to solve Lambert’s problem to enable space travel

Spaceflight involves finding a path between an origin and a destination. In spaceflight mechanics, position and velocity are important because mathematically they determine the coordinates for both the origin and destination. The path between is called the orbit.

The determination of an orbit given two position vectors and the time of flight is known in celestial mechanics as Lambert’s problem, also known as two point boundary value problem. This contrasts with Kepler’s problem or propagation, which is rather an initial value problem.

The package poliastro.iod allows as to solve Lambert’s problem, provided the main attractor’s gravitational constant, the two position vectors and the time of flight. As you can imagine, being able to compute the positions of the planets as we saw in the previous section is the perfect complement to this feature!

For instance, this is a simplified version of the example Going to Mars with Python using poliastro, where the orbit of the Mars Science Laboratory mission (rover Curiosity) is determined:

ate_launch = time.Time(‘2011-11-26 15:02′, scale=’utc’)
date_arrival = time.Time(‘2012-08-06 05:17′, scale=’utc’)
tof = date_arrival – date_launch

ss0 = Orbit.from_body_ephem(Earth, date_launch)
ssf = Orbit.from_body_ephem(Mars, date_arrival)

from poliastro import iod
(v0, v), = iod.lambert(Sun.k, ss0.r, ssf.r, tof)

And these are the results:

>> v0
<Quantity [-29.29150998, 14.53326521, 5.41691336] km / s>
>>> v
<Quantity [ 17.6154992 ,-10.99830723, -4.20796062] km / s>

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Space Policy affects nations and governments, all over the word. Our economies are shaped by our efforts to expand our consciousness among the stars, as new technologies and ideas are generated by our thirst for knowledge and exploration. Much of space exploration today takes place via robotic technologies, which are teaching us more about our world and galaxy. One thing is sure, what we do in space has a deep impact on Earth. Societies are shaped by the stories and myths we tell each other. Just think of how settling America affected economies around the globe. New industries opened up, and global consciousness grew out of pure exploration. If humans settled Mars or another world, how would our society change?

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