I studied Physics at Caltech but applied my studies towards engineering projects. I had 3 summers of great engineering  research which let me to my undergraduate thesis research on Acoustically Induced Manipulation of Materials, where I developed an experiment in partnership with NASA. I won a competition for  a flight on their a NASA KC-135 zero-G aircraft, and Caltech awarded me a research grant to buy equipment.

I lead a team of five engineers to develop an ultrasonic levitation system with the goal of finding a more efficient method for producing fiber optic lenses for optical communications. The zero gravity experiments helped us with control system design.

Following our experiments, Caltech decided to pursue a patent on our technology and I published a research paper with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the IMECE conference in Washington DC.

After I graduated, Caltech awarded me a fellowship (Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program led by Professor Ken Pickar) to pursue the business aspects of my project in conjunction by working with the California Tech Coast Angel investors.